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Re: OT: Sustainiac

> As I recall you were only mildly fond of the results with the Sustainiac
> when you first got it. Or was that just because of all the trouble it 
> to install it? I take it you've warmed to it? And is it the Sustainiac or
> the Fernandes system that you've got?

I'd be curious to hear anyone else's opinion on the Sustainiac system as
well.  I installed one in a cheap Strat copy and its always seemed a lot 
than I'd like; the sustain comes on kind of slowly and isn't as robust as 
hoped (I wasn't too thrilled with the response of the Fernandes either 
fwiw).  I
know its installed correctly as I eventually sent the guitar in to be 
looked at
and it was pronounced 'proper'.  

What are other Sustainiac users experiences with the system?

And of course, we all know that these sounds are going to be looped, just 
keep marginally on topic.