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Re: OT: Sustainiac

On Thursday, August 7, 2003, at 09:12  AM, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:

>> As I recall you were only mildly fond of the results with the 
>> Sustainiac
>> when you first got it. Or was that just because of all the trouble it 
>> took
>> to install it? I take it you've warmed to it? And is it the 
>> Sustainiac or
>> the Fernandes system that you've got?


> I'd be curious to hear anyone else's opinion on the Sustainiac system 
> as
> well.  I installed one in a cheap Strat copy and its always seemed a 
> lot tamer
> than I'd like; the sustain comes on kind of slowly and isn't as robust 
> as I'd
> hoped (I wasn't too thrilled with the response of the Fernandes either 
> fwiw).  I
> know its installed correctly as I eventually sent the guitar in to be 
> looked at
> and it was pronounced 'proper'.

Really?  Man when I turn that thing on the strings just howl!  Could be 
my guitar, as it's a Steinberger M series.. I think EMG 98 at the 
bridge... don't remember.  I'm always playing with the knob to get it 
close to the spot where it's between no feedback and harmonic feedback 
so I can get a more subtle sustain.  Full clockwise and the strings 
just jump with not much attack time.  Maybe it's the cheap strat copy.  
I've played around with GK2 equipped Fenders and I thought they SUCK.  
Even when I had my GK2 on my G&L (which I will put up against any Strat 
at any time) it didn't track nearly as well as it does on my 
Steinberger.  Man I'm I happy they're making them again.

> And of course, we all know that these sounds are going to be looped, 
> just to
> keep marginally on topic.

Well, it's feeding the guitar's signal back into itself... in a 
feedback loop.  That's a loop.

Mark Sottilaro