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Re: OT: Sustainiac

> I've heard you play, Miko. What's your definition of moderately loud? 

Well... ahem... a LOT softer than that! I really plead ignorance on that 
Mark... Someone should have walked over to the mains and turned them down.
Unfortunately there are many who know me that still believe my intent IS to
maim, so they assume I really *mean* for everything to be maxed, but that's
not it at all! I can sound quite evil at very reasonable levels... 8-/

It's hell when you turn your monitors completely off and *still* get
uncontrollable feedback! That was some gig. Solo and outta control with
nowhere to run!

> on 8/7/03 9:36 AM, Miko Biffle at biffoz@arczip.com wrote:

> > It can get into uncontrollable mode with a good fuzz and standing close
to a moderately loud speaker.