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Re: OT: Sustainiac

Hi there Loopsters,

In a message dated 8/7/03 10:27:38 AM, nospam@developsolutions.com writes:

>Anyone here have any thoughts on the acoustic version of the sustainiac?

Well, I've been using one of the original Model B units for about 20 years 
Hear samples of what that sounds like at: http://www.mp3s.com/tedkillian
Alan Hoover, a former LD list member is still in the biz and is now making 
new and improved Model C version even as we speak. I spent a good deal of
time in his booth at NAMM last January trying it out. 

As for the model B, I started using it before the in-the-guitar systems 
available. However, I play a Gibson with humbuckers and am rather fond of 
my neck-position Duncan SH-2 "Jazz" pickup and never would've been willing 
to trade it out for something else to begin with. Plus the outboard Model B
can be used on several of your instruments if you can attach a magnetic
headstock bracket to them. This way you are not stuck with only having 
one particular dedicated "sustainiac" instrument.

The Model B which I use is essentially a large(ish) stomp box with a 50 
amp in it and footswitches on top for controlling it and knobs for 
things. Your guitar signal goes into the input and passes straight on 
to one output that continues downstream to the rest of you signal chain 
like before. There is another output though that sends you signal (much 
amplified) to a transducer held by magnetic clip installed on the back of 
guitar's headstock. This little transducer (essentially a speaker coil 
the paper cone) reintroduces the physical vibrations of what you are 
back into the body of the instrument. 

You don't have to play with distortion or anything to make it work. Just 
in the right amount of feedback "level" (usually the point where it just 
feeding back, but I take it just a little further and use my hands to 
the excess vibration by the manner I hold the instrument neck and mute the 
strings at the bridge). My sustainiac is "on" about 90% of the time. If 
both switches down the switches "latch" on instead of being in "momentary 
mode." I then toggle between even and odd harmonics with the footswitches 
as suits what I am playing.

The new Model C that Alan is now making switches automatically between even
and odd harmonic modes and works pretty darn well. The new box is smaller 
and uses a more efficient amplifier and a smaller, lighter transducer too. 
also has worked up a new wiring system for connecting the unit to your 
I keep meaning to buy one as a spare for my original (I'd be lost without 
as I am a family guy there keeps being other things to spend money on . . 
kids . . . and as the economy relay sucks right now, my business has been 
to nonexistent. So, no toys for Ted for a while (heheh).

That should about cover it. For further questions go to: 

Or write Alan Hover directly at: info@sustainiac.com
He's a very nice fellow, super helpful and knowledgeable.

Tell him I sent you and maybe he'll forgive me for not having bought that 
Model C
yet like I told him I was going to do long before the economy crapped out 
me (heheh). Anywho, tell him "Hi!" for me anyway.


tEd  kiLLiAn