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Re: GNX3 info much needed

What's up Phill.
I have had one of these gadgets for about a month so i'm happy to relate my

> 1. I need to know what functions are available live without stopping the
> track as it is playing

if you already have a track playing, you can switch to "bank" mode to 
a new preset and tn switch back to record mode to lay it down.  As you 
you get 8 tracks, but you can overdub on any of them as much as you want

> 2. is there any of the following, reverse, half speed, insert (can i say,
> play a four bar beat then have that repeat three times while i record a
> 12bar bass part? or is the loop time set by the first loop.

i guess the answer is no to all of these. : (
the loop time is definatley set by the first loop.  It does kinda suck.  I
like to "beatbox" on the mic or slap my guitar around for a percussive 
track, but an audience can get pretty bored of that when you have to do it
for more than a couple bars.

> 3. is there an undo button that can be accesed by foot.
Yes.  it works best after you have your first loop.  While your recording
you hit undo twice (to confirm) and you background track keeps playing
recording only after the second tap.
You could use undo during the first track, but then your loop time could be
pretty f'd up.  Best to hit stop, delete the track and start recording 
when you get back the beginning of the part.

> 4 ive heard hat you can record differant instruments/sounds ect to diff
> tracks and then mute tracks (this paticularly interests me as i would
> love to do that drum+bass thing where you build a song then all of a
> knock out the drum tracks.) is this acchieved via foot controls hand
> or menu systems, can it be done live in real time?

You can only record 2 tracks at once.  Essentially your recording the mic 
one side and the guitar on the other.  The manual says you could use this
feature to record a stereo signal and keep both sides independant, it would
just require some careful balancing of the mic and guitar inputs so they're
the same.  I have not tried this...
I have however layered, lets say, bass guitar vocal etc tracks and then
pulled them out during performance.  But, it does require bending over and
hitting 1 of the 8 track buttons on the little recorder section of the 

> 5.ive heard there is an extra set of foot pedals you can buy to maximise
> loop functions anyone know what this adds?

The additional footpedal can handle all of the recording stuff.  Its 
purpose is to allow you to use the original pedals to choose presets and 
stompbox features, which would be an added convenience being that its a
little difficult to switch modes quickly and accurately (you have to hit 
pedals at once)  I'm not sure i the additional pedal ($50) would handle
pulling tracks in and out.  Obviously i don't have it yet, but i plan to 
it.  I'll let you know

Also, just to recap what i have read here on the loopers-delight list.  The
biggest disadvantage of using this pedal as a looper is that you can't
adjust the decay or feedback rate of loops playing back.  It would be great
if you could have an old loop slowly fade away as you add new ones, but 
does not seem to be possible.  This leaves me with only a couple decent
options for ending songs.
1) I'll just kick the stop button and strum a hard cord
2) bend over and turn off the tracks one at a time to deconstruct it
3) attach a volume pedal after the GNX3 and manually fade out whatever
tracks are still playing

Hope that helps!
-- tim cooper
-- http://www.timcoopermusic.net