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GNX3 info much needed

Hi , i Know that people have discussed the Digitech GNX3 recently and i 
want ot repeat on anything too much but, i have a few questions that I 
be very greatful ot have answered by someone who owns one, or has played 
with one from a looping point of view.

1. I need to know what functions are available live without stopping the 
track as it is playing
2. is there any of the following, reverse, half speed, insert (can i say, 
play a four bar beat then have that repeat three times while i record a 
12bar bass part? or is the loop time set by the first loop.

3. is there an undo button that can be accesed by foot.

4 ive heard hat you can record differant instruments/sounds ect to diff 
tracks and then mute tracks (this paticularly interests me as i would 
love to do that drum+bass thing where you build a song then all of a 
knock out the drum tracks.) is this acchieved via foot controls hand 
or menu systems, can it be done live in real time?

5.ive heard there is an extra set of foot pedals you can buy to maximise 
loop functions anyone know what this adds?

well thats about all really. i hope someone can help and that im not 
repeating any of what has been said before.

see you all soon

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