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Re: OT: Roland GI-20

I got one a few weeks ago, to get back into interactive computer music.  When I last played around with that, I was using a Roland GR700, a Powerbook 160 (I think, it was a blazing 33MHz laptop) running Max, and a Yamaha FB01 module.  Now I have the GI-20, my Fernandes Fretless Sustainer guitar with GK2, an iBook, and a PowerMac G4.  Because of my interest in interactive music, speed and accuracy of MIDI guitar tracking is not a big deal to me (I have just enough keyboard chops to enter MIDI note data from keyboard controllersinto sequencers).  So try to keep all this in mind as you read my further comments on the GI20.
Because of my schedule of late, I've only been able to play with my setup once.  The softsynth I chose for this session was SimpleSynth,  a free Soundfont player.  I ran it on my 700Mhz iBook, which still doesn't have an audio interface.  I used the USB port to connect the GI-20 to my iBook.  I thought the speed and accuracy of the tracking was reasonable, considering the iBook was running just CoreAudio.  Also keep in mind, though, I'm not exactly Buckethead, so I couldn't play faster than the thing can track.  Also keep in mind that SimpleSynth is a very, well, simple softsynth.  I haven't tried it yet with a big, complicated patch from Max/MSP or the virtual analog Emagic synth that came with my Logic Audio Big Box.

John Mazzarella <jmazzarella@erols.com> wrote:
Is anybody using a Roland GI-20 pitch to MIDI converter?
I already own a Roland Ready Strat that I use with a Roland VG-8.
I'd like to be able to use the GI-20 to do MIDI sequencing with in my
Pro Tools rig as well as triggering a JV-1010 and possibly Reason. Is
anybody using it for these applications? How is the tracking? I've
read that you can use an expression pedal with it. Can use you use it
to control resonance and cutoff frequencies?

Thanks in advance for the info,

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