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RE: Death by Starbucks

-----Original Message-----
>From: msottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net] 
>Coffee across the rural US generally sucks and if 
>it were not for Starbucks there would be little that I'd consider 
>coffee at all.

Geez - Starbucks and Real coffee in the same sentence :) I'm Cuban = I
think I know what real coffee is and it sure doesn't smell like cinnamon
or chocolate or vanilla or ... blah get the point :)

The real question should be - how the hell did you stand it sitting in
there looping with all that terrible and sweet smelling aroma bombarding
you from all directions. I used to sit next to the coffee machine at
work (yes they purchased their fubu starbucks mixes to make their yuppy
coffee with) and I seriously had to ask to be moved - it got on my last