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RE: Death by Starbucks

Title: RE: Death by Starbucks

Msottilaro said:
>Geez - Starbucks and Real coffee in the same
>sentence :) I'm Cuban = I think I know what
>real coffee is and it sure doesn't smell
>like cinnamon or chocolate or vanilla or
>... blah get the point :)"

Flavored lattes weren't invented by Starbucks. Neither were cappuccinos. Sounds to me like you don't know coffee. . . .but you REALLY know Cuban coffee. ;)

As far as Starbucks goes, they give a lot back to the communities.

Another cool thing is they often expose people to great music a person would not normal hear on the ClearChannel borg radio network (including lots of cool ambient, trance, and other music often inhabited by (you guessed it) LOOPERS), they work hard at being environmentally friendly. Granted, they usually offer more "accessible" trance and experimental music - but it is still loads better than my FM dial in South Florida.

And they make a buttload of money. I guess shame on them for having a passion for good coffee and devising a formula to make it profitable.

And despite the fact it is a coporate beheamoth, Starbucks has done more for the local coffee shops than anything in decades! Mom and pop coffee shops were dying breeds before Starbucks got everyone addicted to their morning shot of espresso. Any coffee shop makes tons more money on an espresso drink than a .75 cent plain cup of coffee.

True mom & pop coffee shops are always my first choice - but it sure is great having Starbucks around every corner as my auxiliary caffeine support.

(DISCLAIMER: Regional support for good mom & pop coffee shops varies. If I still lived in Seattle I would never visit a Starbucks. Down here in Naples/Ft Myers Florida, the few mom & pop coffee shops are terrible! I am therefore thankful for the handful of Starbucks coffee shops and the Barnes and Noble (OH NO! ANOTHER CORPORATE WHO0RE!) I have access to.)

Msottilaro also said:
>I used to sit next to the coffee machine
> at work (yes they purchased their fubu
>starbucks mixes to make their yuppy
>coffee with) and I seriously had to ask
>to be moved - it got on my last nerve.

I purposely take coffe grinds and sprinkle them in my garbage can so I can enjoy the coffee smell in my office all day. Hehehe. I love the smell of good coffee. Doesn't everyone? Are you SURE you even like coffee?

(By the way, it's only a paper garbage can. . .so I don't have to mix it in with rotting food! Hehehe.)