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Using the DigiDelay to solo over--also Taylor Expression System

Don Makoviney had to know:
>So how did you utilize the 4 second looping? Rhythm and then solos? Did 
tap out any percussion on the shell of the guitar?
>Details man! Hahaha.

There are a couple of cool things about this pedal.  One is that you can
start record of the loop with a single press, that sends you into overdub 
long as you hold the pedal down.  Since I am pretty familiar with how long 
seconds is at this point, I was able to construct phrases over which to
solo, yah.  That's pretty much what I do with loops-although I do try to 
my imagination, I don't do what Andre for example does--or Matthias,
although he seems to do a LOT.  Sorta like what Claude Voit does, but 
these are highly actualized loopers.  Ahm jus' an ol' country boy with too
much gear . . .  Hey, I played Red Wing at the Santa Cruz Y2K2 Feste--
The new Taylor seems to be good for the percussion thing!  There was a
thread a while back about how piezo equipped acoustics were not great for
percussion, but this one is very live--the pickups are magnetic, and there
are several, but it sounds very acoustic.  Rupert Neve was involved in the
pickup's development--it is something of a breakthrough, from what I