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RE: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

Hello Per, At one time I had a Digitech IPS 33B, a rack mount harmony
proccessor that did everything from simple octave up and octave down, to
full on diatonic three part harmonies, to whammy effects, to deep space
station like ambient effects. Essentially, a beer budget Eventide
harmonizer. The model that came after that was DHP55 that allowed up to
five part harmonies, so you could do instrumental boy band
harmonies!(Yikes!) I agree with Stan that the whammy pedal is a good bet if
you want something on the floor. Also, the boss octaver would be a worthy
candidate, much more worthy than Arnold Schwarzenegger (hardy har har
har!). And last but not least, if you can locate a used Boss VF1 half rack
proccessor, that has some very useable pitch transposition functions, not
to mention a fairly convincing frettless bass model and a host of other
cool effects both conventional, (reverb, chorus, delay) and non-
conventional (VG8 style modeling,psuedo synth sounds, and ring modulation).
Michael Manring turned me on to the VF1, the last time he played in Santa
Cruz, and I found one used on ebay for pretty cheap. The VF1 is a half rack
24 bit device with plenty of headroom, clean transparent sound, and a
dedicated hi-Z input on the front for guitar or bass. A very deep box.