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RE: Selecting vendors

Title: RE: Selecting vendors

Nobody has really mentioned Zzounds.com all that much. I seem to have better luck with them than any others hands down. Their packaging is always appropriate to what is being shipped, and they get stuff out of the warehouse super quick. My last few orders from Zzounds have left the warehouse within 2-3 hours of placing my order.

But I just ordered the Alesis Ineko from Musicians Friend and it took 2 full days to get out of the warehouse. Not to mention I had another big problem with them where they wouldn't release my credit card authorization for a cancelled order for like two weeks. Plus their website often says things are in stock (like the Boomerang in my last instance) when they really aren't and I am stuck for weeks waiting for stock to come in.

Zzounds doesn't ever send magazines, but in that case all the items I bought from Zzounds where double digit dollars cheaper than the Fiend - still with Free Shipping and everything.


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From: Greg House [mailto:ghunicycle@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 11:00 AM
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Subject: Selecting vendors

--- Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:

> I agree Re: GC. However, is there really a difference between the big
> music dealers--esp. when it comes to price? I have a good
> relationship with my salesperson at Sweetwater, for instance, because
> I feel like I get excellent pre-sales advice, and I know I can get
> great support and service post-sale. But are their prices necessarily
> any better than GC/Musician's Friend, Sam Ash, and so on? Not that I
> can tell.
> How do you folks make your gear purchase decisions? From whom do you
> buy?

The only place I've found lately that has significantly lower prices then other vendors is Full Compass. I've purchased from them for many years and have gotten good service and good prices. They tend more toward pro audio type products then musical instrument type, but appear to be getting a bit more of that type thing in recent years.


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