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RE: Selecting vendors

--- Don Makoviney <don.makoviney@asg.com> wrote:
> Nobody has really mentioned Zzounds.com all that much. I seem to have 
> luck with them than any others hands down. Their packaging is always
> appropriate to what is being shipped, and they get stuff out of the
> warehouse super quick. My last few orders from Zzounds have left the
> warehouse within 2-3 hours of placing my order. 

As nearly as I can tell, Zzounds and AMS are the same company. They seem 
to have
exactly the same things in and not in stock, and their prices have ALWAYS 
exactly the same for any given item.
>  Plus their website often says things are
> in stock (like the Boomerang in my last instance) when they really aren't
> and I am stuck for weeks waiting for stock to come in.

I've had this problem with MF in the past, even before they had a website. 
call with your order, they'd tell you everything was in stock, 2 weeks 
later PART
of your order shows up...the rest is backordered, often for months. I'll 
occasionally order from them, but only if it's something I can't get 

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