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"audio pitched down" device?

i'm coming in late on this thread, but
i've used my lexicon mpx 100 for some experimental vocals
(pitch shift up and down) and i thought it sounded pretty good.
i've read some reviews on h-c.com where people say that they
thing there's a lag, but i thought it wasn't that noticable.
(but then, maybe my ears are getting old and slow now and i can't
notice minute things as well...)
i was also experimenting w/ changing the pitch while i "sang"
into the mic, so i was going for a "weird effect" to start w/.
whether it's as good as eventide or lexicon's higher end stuff,
i doubt it, but the mpx100 is a budget box, which has been
replaced w/ the mpx110.

i also experimented w/ my old digitech ips33 (the original budget
eventide h3000), and it works for effects, but is noisy compared
to the mpx100, but the ips33 is also 15 yrs old now....
my 2 cents for the day....s---