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Boss VF-1 was "audio pitched down" device?

John Mazzarella wrote:

> "William R. Walker," wrote:
> > Hello Per, At one time I had a Digitech IPS 33B, a rack mount harmony
> > proccessor that did everything from simple octave up and octave down, 
> > full on diatonic three part harmonies, to whammy effects, to deep space
> > station like ambient effects. Essentially, a beer budget Eventide
> > harmonizer. The model that came after that was DHP55 that allowed up to
> > five part harmonies, so you could do instrumental boy band
> > harmonies!(Yikes!) I agree with Stan that the whammy pedal is a good 
>bet if
> > you want something on the floor. Also, the boss octaver would be a 
> > candidate, much more worthy than Arnold Schwarzenegger (hardy har har
> > har!). And last but not least, if you can locate a used Boss VF1 half 
> > proccessor, that has some very useable pitch transposition functions, 
> > to mention a fairly convincing frettless bass model and a host of other
> > cool effects both conventional, (reverb, chorus, delay) and non-
> > conventional (VG8 style modeling,psuedo synth sounds, and ring 
> > Michael Manring turned me on to the VF1, the last time he played in 
> > Cruz, and I found one used on ebay for pretty cheap. The VF1 is a half 
> > 24 bit device with plenty of headroom, clean transparent sound, and a
> > dedicated hi-Z input on the front for guitar or bass. A very deep box.
> > Bill
> Is the Boss VF-1 useable as a vocal processor if I ran it in the aux 
>send of my
> mixer?  Reverb, delay, etc?