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RE: RE: Fast & Trashy

Title: RE: RE: Fast & Trashy
Kim wrote:
>yes, from MIDI you can instantly do any of the different functions that can
>only be done with the insert button from the front panel. You also have
>both the SUS versions and the toggle versions available as separate MIDI
>commands, for more versatility.
>I don't know what the MIDI Mouse can do, maybe it can be programmed to
>control some of the InsertMode commands?

I doubt it, mine does switch the presets, but when I'm in the thick of an improv going: a) which preset am I in? b) where do I have to go to to get INSERT=REPLACE? c) stepping on that damn thing to finally arrive there and d) executing INSERT=REPLACE in a meaningful way is just to much. I could rather recall the changes of the bridge to "Guineepigs on the moon" in the recorded version by Lester Parker on Steeplechase (the April '63 version, not the August '64 where he wore those red boots all those critics rave about) and play them backwards in quadruplets than doing that. Hell, no way around programming a Midi-pedal??? Andrč, what are you using these days?

Andreas Willers