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RE: RE: Fast & Trashy --> "free-wheeling" EDP

-----Original Message-----
From: Andreas Willers [mailto:A.Willers@t-online.de] 
> stepping on that damn thing to finally arrive there and 
> d) executing INSERT=REPLACE in a meaningful way is just to much. 

Hi Andreas,

Yes, I too find it hard to incorporate the EDP in group improvisations
without any sync. What I'm usually in that situation is to use the EDP
"free-wheeling" (unquantised and unrounded). Then I can press down the
multiply button to destructively record (sustain action) a loop of what
I'm playing and at the same time sync the EDP to the tempo we are
playing in at the moment. If the loop is ok I let it spin for a while
behind my playing. If I hear the loop loosing its sync I can either step
a button to "restart" (don't have the Loop4 manual here on this laptop
to check out the correct vocabulary) or simply record a new loop by the
sustained action of the multiply button - or empty the loop by bringing
down feedback to "0".

Another interesting use of this free-wheeling setting is to catch a 4th
or 8th note and play in overdub mode (similar to a delay). If you
alternate between HalfSpeed and FullSpeed you can actually use the echo
bounces to create a second instrumental line one octave under what you
are playing.

Best wishes

Per Boysen