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Re: Fast & Trashy

> >Should I practise more or should I consider one of those larger 
>  >Midi-pedals (yak)? Would that give me instant access to different 
>  >functions of INSERT?
>  yes, from MIDI you can instantly do any of the different functions that 
>  only be done with the insert button from the front panel. You also have 
>  both the SUS versions and the toggle versions available as separate 
>  commands, for more versatility.

.......and you can do without the EFC-7 altogether.

Perhaps worth mentioning that some the SUS functions can work
very slightly differently when used by setting InsertMode.
( you can still do this from midi of course)

It's not something you'll come across often, but when using 
quantise, it's possible to press, and then release while still 
waiting for the function to happen. (ooo on the panel)
With  SUSReplace, SUSSubstitute,   called directly
from midi you'll find that the functions stop being SUS in this case.
Using them from InsertMode you get the very useful behaviour
where the function lasts for one quantise value.
i.e if Quant=CYC then the function lasts for one cycle. 

andy butler