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RE: Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste

> From: Andre LaFosse [mailto:altruist@earthlink.net] 
> Hoo boy...  ;)
> Per said,
> > I guess the "washy ambient style" is so over
> > represented among looping musicians only because we're kept in a 
> > stronghold by all this gear that just takes too long time to 
> > manipulate.
> "Takes too long to manipulate," huh?

Hi Andre,

Well, this was posted in a thread about "instantly accessible pitched
down/bass sound". I was particularly aiming at the Repeater, which
definitely is "slower to manipulate" than the EDP. Personally I feel
that the EDP is "part of my instrument" but the Repeater will never be
more than "a clever loop based recorder" in my use. 

Please don't misunderstand me because I was quoting Kim's expression
"washy...". I certainly did not mean to look down on ambient music. In
fact I love that style and have been playing it myself for many decades.
I just think that "washy..." is such a great and funny expression! This
might be just because English isn't my native language, but to me that
word does exactly nail a certain feeling; the feeling you can get after
playing slow and ambient music for a while until the adrenaline starts
building up and you simply have to play some "dirty" or high-tempo stuff
or you will just explode. It's A Question Of Balance ;-D 

BTW a very good example of Matthias Grob's ambient style, that Andre was
mentioning in his post, is IMHO the improvised piece "Physio" at

Best wishes

Per Boysen