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RE: Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste

At 02:52 AM 8/13/2003, Per Boysen wrote:
>Please don't misunderstand me because I was quoting Kim's expression
>"washy...". I certainly did not mean to look down on ambient music. In
>fact I love that style and have been playing it myself for many decades.
>I just think that "washy..." is such a great and funny expression! This
>might be just because English isn't my native language, but to me that
>word does exactly nail a certain feeling; the feeling you can get after
>playing slow and ambient music for a while until the adrenaline starts
>building up and you simply have to play some "dirty" or high-tempo stuff
>or you will just explode. It's A Question Of Balance ;-D

haha, did I call ambient music "washy"?  It's possible, I've called 
music many things....

How about wishy-washy? "hmm, I just can't decide what note to play next, 
I'll just let this one keep on droning for a few minutes while I consider 
my options."

Or another great word - "swishy"!


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