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RE: Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste

Kim, Andre and all,

thanks a lot for taking the time and giving me/us the input on the topic of
EDP control by Midi. I'll go and try the thing with a drum machine real 
because I really like the idea of operating stuff by hand and like an
uncluttered stage floor (my hand operated amp-top board consists of a tc
G-force, EH ringmodulator, PDS 8000 and Dano backwards delays). In fact, in
LOOP III I operated the EDP just with a single pedal for RECORD and front
button presses and was a happy camper. With the arrival of LOOP IV and it's
wider possibilities I am torn between working on my control options and
....my laziness (or is it lazyness?).

But sometimes lameness sparks new options as well: I have this pseudo
Bulgarian tune in 9/8 that requires me to set up a ringmodulated
muted-strings-sound on guitar pitched up an octave on the EDP as a rhythmic
backdrop. In my case that means: a) EDP preset #3, b) switching INSERT to
HALFSPEED (the EDP doesn't seem to be able to recall a preset with speed
already set to slow, right?), c) recording the muted lick by actually
playing it IN HALFTIME (turning it into a 9/4 that takes about 3.6 
overdubbing a ringmodulated pedal note, pushing INSERT to normal speed 
arriving at the 9/8), turning on the octave sound in the G-force to set up 
bass riff in 9/8 via multiply etc., then octaver off for the  melody, then
some polytonal chords for spice etc.etc.  That proved to be to complex to
pull off live, at least for me. I ended up covering my guitar with a towel
(a la Fred Frith), playing the rhythm with chopsticks and looping it in 

I often have to deal with these kind of things when I want to perform 
versions of already existing compositions as opposed to material that came
out of the process of playing with the looping machines.

Best wishes to all and esp. good luck to all who need it, Andreas Willers