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Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow andChaste)

>The main impetus for having the big rigs tends to be a desire for lots
>of different sounds, and wanting to be able to access a wide variety of
>different textures.
>But isn't it interesting how some people will spend decades playing
>"just" a piano, or a tabla, or their own voice, and find ongoing
>inspiration and freedom within the confines of "one sound"?

Excellent points. I'm struggling with a related question, if anyone 
cares to offer some advice.

I'd like to add a nice synth to my rig--and I don't even play 
keys--but I'd like to learn. In the meantime, I'd use its rather 
massive sequencing capabilities of by employing it as a kind of 
musical scratch pad--both for practice with my guitar and for 
composing tunes.

I wanted to get a Yamaha Motif 6. But then I found out that there is 
a newer, bigger, better, more powerful version, the Motif ES 6, that 
will be available shortly. I figured that surely the regular Motif 6 
would do all that I wanted from a synth and then some. But after 
looking over the ES 6's specs, I have a nagging feeling that I would 
regret not getting the latest, greatest upgraded product. For one 
thing, it has 128 note polyphony. The regular Motif has 62 poly. The 
ES has new(er), upgraded voices, and a host of other features.

Does anyone here use a Motif? If so, would you care to advise me on 
which one to purchase?