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ips33 vs. ips33b? was:"audio pitched down" device?

i'm sure that they are all useful, but i would put a qualifier on
"what's good to one person, isn't always good to all".
it's easy to knock the original ips33, but remember, when it came
out in '88, it WAS the original budget option to the eventide h3000.
i think the h3000 was over $2K at the time, and original price
of ips33 was in the $900 range. and it just did harmony stuff, where
the h3000 did lots of things. but, i got my ips33 for $65, and for
$65, i've gotten a lot of use out of it, and it's still a useful tool!
a bit noisey, but i tend to think noise has it's place and can be useful.
it's still great for guitar and i've used it for keyboard stuff as well.
for vocals, it's probably not so good and the other newer versions of
the model would probably work better.....but i've also never seen a
ips33b, dhp33 or dhp55 for $65 either...so if anyone has one of those
and wants to sell it for $65, feel free to email me....
my 2cents for the day...

>>i also experimented w/ my old digitech ips33 (the original budget
>>eventide h3000), and it works for effects, but is noisy compared
>>to the mpx100, but the ips33 is also 15 yrs old now....
>IPS 33 or IPS 33b? *Big* difference, so I'm told. It's the 33b that 
>is the good machine.
>I happen to have a DHP-33 arriving today, so I'll let people know 
>how it is. It's basically the IPS 33b + a more modern looking front