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Re: ips33 vs. ips33b? was:"audio pitched down" device?

>i'm sure that they are all useful, but i would put a qualifier on
>"what's good to one person, isn't always good to all".

Yes, true.

I shouldn't have knocked the ips33--esp. not for $65! I was 
interested in getting one of the Digitech harmonizer machines for a 
so-called "shimmer" sound that it can replicate. Apparently the 
ips33b (and dhp 33) does "shimmer" very, very well, while the ips33 
does not. This according to a couple people I know with similar 
interests as mine, and who have owned, at one time or another, all of 
the digitech harmonizer machines and have compared them head to head. 
That's not to say that the ips33 isn't of use to other people for 
other purposes, and so on. My apologies.