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Re: ips33 vs. ips33b? was:"audio pitched down" device?

apolgoy accepted, and i wasn't offended or anything. i actually
learned about it from reading an old mag back from back in '88, a namm
report that raved about the ips33, in that it offered harmonizing
like the h3000 did, but at a budget ($900)...but yes, you are right,
the later digitech harmony devices (ips33b, and dhp series) did
offer other effects (more delay effects) in the box as well as harmonizing
than the original had. it's funny, the ips33 has 60 presets, 30 user
presets, and i use about 3 or 4 only....oh well.....
ps-i know what the ips33b does from watching the david torn video #2 from
back in '93, and boy for awhile i did drool about the idea of trying to
get one....

>Yes, true.
>I shouldn't have knocked the ips33--esp. not for $65! I was 
>interested in getting one of the Digitech harmonizer machines for a 
>so-called "shimmer" sound that it can replicate. Apparently the 
>ips33b (and dhp 33) does "shimmer" very, very well, while the ips33 
>does not. This according to a couple people I know with similar 
>interests as mine, and who have owned, at one time or another, all 
>of the digitech harmonizer machines and have compared them head to 
>head. That's not to say that the ips33 isn't of use to other people 
>for other purposes, and so on. My apologies.