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re: any tips for audio pitched down device............

Hey Per,

In my limited scope, there are no devices that pitch down in real time
without latency except for the extrememly pricey
pieces of gear like the Orville.    My vocal 300 by digitech does it and
what I do to get around it is I record my bass line first
, stepping down on my 'percieved' downbeat (which is, in all actuallity)
'ahead' of the latency of the actual note, but then when I truncate at the
percieved next downbeat, the loop is perfect.................Does this
communicate well?

Then I go ahead and listen to the loop and layer onto it.

The red whammy by digitech does the same thing and there is a really fairly
high fidelity intelli-shifter by BOSS in a stomp box pedal that does a good
job of harmonization and even has definable (and very inside, harmonically)
intelligent harmony.
I got mine for about $160 USD.

Good luck with the faux  bass lines.................I use them all the 

yours, Rick