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RE: any tips for audio pitched down device............

> From: Rick Walker/Loop.pooL [mailto:GLOBAL@cruzio.com]

> Hey Per,
> In my limited scope, there are no devices that pitch down in
> real time without latency except for the extrememly pricey
> pieces of gear like the Orville.    My vocal 300 by digitech 
> does it and
> what I do to get around it is I record my bass line first
> , stepping down on my 'percieved' downbeat (which is, in all 
> actuallity) 'ahead' of the latency of the actual note, but 
> then when I truncate at the percieved next downbeat, the loop 
> is perfect.................Does this communicate well?

Yes, perfectly! But for me it would be just fine to adjust my playing to
the latency of the down pitching. Being a session player at studios and
live tours  I have done this all the time related to different
monitoring set-ups and  placement of instrument amplifiers. What I'm
looking for is to be able to create and modify bass lines very quickly.
"Quickly" is not precisely the way you play a bass line into the
Repeater ;-) even if it sounds great when finally in place and pitched
down. I'm also hoping to be able to afford a second EDP in the future.
Might even look into selling the Repeater for this, if I find a good
bass solution. I did a looping gig at a festival last week with a live
drummer and now I definitely want to be able to play "fast and trashy"
music with loopers ;-)  I guess the "washy ambient style" is so over
represented among looping musicians only because we're kept in a
stronghold by all this gear that just takes too long time to manipulate.

Thanks for your advices on gear! I'll check out all of them while
selling off some junk to finance a purchase.

Best wishes

Per Boysen