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RE: the Fiend (was: gibson echoplex)

--- "Christensen, Mark" <mchriste@middlebury.edu>
> i was astonished at how big the box it was shipped
> in was.  turns out they sent me 5 and charged me for
> 1!

That's like the fast food paradigm: volume. If you
lose money on each of many many many sales, the bottom
line is magically a huge profit. (He said w/ tongue in
cheek...) :-)

Seriously, I did leave out that I only seem to
purchase electronics from "The Fiend"; I would
*never*, fer example, order a Les Paul through the
mail without playing it.

Also, I've only dealt with their customer service once
or twice; usually I'll only order stuff I already know
about and therefore don't need to ask about.

Everyone's mileage may vary; I keep hearing how great
AMS is, yet the one transaction I attempted with them
went disasterously awry and I ended up cancelling the
order after several weeks of waiting. AMS may very
well be awesome, but my impression of them is colored
by that first, fouled-up sale.

And, yes, MF's packaging can be overkill. There have
been a couple of times when I cancelled a purchase
when I got to the 'calculate shipping' part and saw
how out of line it was. Just last week I got a small
electronic thingy in a box approximately 1000% larger
than it needed to be. Packaging carefully is one
thing; grabbing the wrong size box and filling it with
two bushels of foam peanuts is another.


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