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Re: the Fiend

I recently broke down and ordered a special patch cable 
that I was in need of from MF. It would've fit easily in a
9x12 padded envelope and (I'd wager) it would've been 
nearly impossible to damage shipped that way. 

Instead, they shipped it in a box the size of a very large 
microwave oven (no joke) with 4 or 5 cubic feet of 
foam "peanuts." I had a hard time actually finding my 
purchase amongst all the padding.

Maybe I should've looked through the packaging a little
more thoroughly though. Coulda been a couple of FCB1010s 
hiding in there maybe. Heheh.

Their incompetence general cluelessness is legendary. Too 
bad they don't try a little harder to live up to their name.
They're certainly no friends of mine.

tEd  kiLLiAn