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Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste)

> What I tend to see is this: the more gear is involved in a performance,
> the more the musical experience of looping seems to be about creating
> this big, massive "thing" that is set into motion, and then sort of
> spins around of its own accord, almost independently of the player.

I think this is experientiall true, but that's more to do with the fact 
few people take the time to really get inside the gear they are using and
realise that the range of options they have doesn't neccesarily mean using
everything all the time. It always takes a while to work that out, which is
why the first version of my last solo album - Not Dancing For Chicken - was
a glitch-fest. I'd just got an EDP and was determined to explore what it
could do on all the tracks. Some of it was cool, most of it just wasn't me
at all. It certainly didn't stand up to my 'music first' maxim. So I redid
the album a month or so later, once I'd got over my initial infatuation 
the EDP, and was able to make it subservient to what I was hearing in my
head, rather than writing music purely to explore what the Echoplex would

So some of the stuff on the album is in the juggernaut stylee that you
describe. Some is in the ultra-simple one loop with melody and solo style,
and others are a bit more developmental, bringing in some of the stuff
that's possible with the feedback control on the EDP.

Not knowing how a piece of rack gear works is just as dibilitating as 
no chops at all on guitar - you lose control, and are a slave to whatever
fumblings happen to come out when you pick up the guitar (and no, I'm not
advocating a satch approach over Neil Young - by no chops, I just mean no
control over what you're doing, not specifically playing really really fast
widdly stuff... ;o)


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