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Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste)

Steve -  great points.  It is the player, not the equipment, that makes
music that touches and inspired us.

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From: "Steve Lawson" <steve@steve-lawson.co.uk>
To: <loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 12:10 PM
Subject: Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow and

> > I agree Per, but I've got to make a comment about the Repeater being a
> > "Clever Loop Recorder" as if that's a negative?  Of course it is.  Very
> > clever.  Have you seen Bill Walker's rig?  Lot's of gear, yet he
> > manipulates his Repeater and what's feeding it with the grace of a
> > ballet dancer and looks just as comfortable doing it as an 80 year old
> > blues musician (but more spry!)
> ..there's an interesting mental aside here about who we use as examples 
> what a piece of gear is capable of. The Andre exploits the EDP more fully
> than anyone I've ever come across, I've still heard very few people
> attempt anything similar (seems like Torn has copped an Andre lick or 
> and I know I certainly have, but to a very different end...) Same with
> Bill - which his Repeater useage is remarkable, it's just an extension of
> his remarkable musicianship, and I'm sure he'd make a unique noise with a
> fretless banjo and zoom bass effetcs unit. In the case of peeps like Dre
> hamster dude and Billy Ray Walker, they are terrible examples of anything
> other than being one-offs. Even having watched and been mesmerised by
> music (or maybe it was the monkey suit...), I still didn't want to get or
> explore a repeater, any more than listening to Tori Amos makes me want to
> get a piano, or Kelly Joe Phelps makes me want to play guitar. I did
> want to make music that had a similar impact on my audience to the vibe I
> got from Bill's choonage. With Andre, it was his playing and ideas and
> aesthetic that drew to get an EDP, plain and simple, but I still wouldn't
> use much of what he does as an example of what to do with an EDP. It's
> an example of what to do with an Andre! shamown!
> Another quick example - is an EDP more versatile than a JamMan? Of course
> is, any muppet could tell you that from comparing the manuals, but you
> wouldn't get that feeling if you watched Phil Keaggy play - you'd come
> feeling like the JamMan was about the coolest box anyone ever invented.
> Which says more about Mr Keaggy than it does about the JamMan. It's only
> when your mind and paradigm are applied to both units that you get to see
> which 'fits'...
> ...just a mind ramble from a very hot afternoon in London... I'm off to
> Italy in the morning, to play a gig, and to record some schtuff with the
> wonderful Luca Formentini, so it's gonna be a loopalcious weekend
> listening to Luca's 'A Life From The Inside' CD, which is fantastic - not
> sure if it's available yet though...)