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Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste)


In speaking of his last solo album, "Not Dancing For Chicken," Steve writes

>So some of the stuff on the album is in the juggernaut style that you
>describe. Some is in the ultra-simple one loop with melody and solo style,
>and others are a bit more developmental, bringing in some of the stuff
>that's possible with the feedback control on the EDP.

This sort of variety in approach is just one of the things makes listening
to his discs such a sublime pleasure. A great many of us loopsters would 
do well to think more like this . . . including myself. It's never to late 
learn (heheh). Just 'cuz you have 31 flavors at your disposal doesn't 
mean you have to use 'em all . . . all of the time . . . in every tune.

tEd  kiLLiAn