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Re: Dangerous (learning) curves (was Fast & Trashy, Slow and Chaste)

ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> Yo,
> In speaking of his last solo album, "Not Dancing For Chicken," Steve 
> >So some of the stuff on the album is in the juggernaut style that you
> >describe. Some is in the ultra-simple one loop with melody and solo 
> >and others are a bit more developmental, bringing in some of the stuff
> >that's possible with the feedback control on the EDP.
> This sort of variety in approach is just one of the things makes 
> to his discs such a sublime pleasure. A great many of us loopsters would
> do well to think more like this . . . including myself. It's never to 
>late to
> learn (heheh). Just 'cuz you have 31 flavors at your disposal doesn't
> mean you have to use 'em all . . . all of the time . . . in every tune.
> tEd  kiLLiAn
> http://www.mp3s.com/tedkillian
> http://www.pfmentum.com/flux.html
> http://www.CDbaby.com/cd/tedkillian
> http://www.guitar9.com/fluxaeterna.html

That's a problem I run into all of the time.  I get inspired by a style of 
a paticular player, songwriter, whatever.  I try to incorporate what I 
learn into
what I do, which I think is good.  It's letting go of things some time.  I 
to remind myself that I don't have to do everything that I can do at every 
    Over the past year I've taken up the lap steel.  I love playing it, 
and I
feel like I've developed a bit of a voice on it.  However, I've dropped it 
my looping show for now because it's just to much to think about.  Looping 
voice and processed acoustic guitar with the EDP in addition to trying to
remember lyrics to my songs and the covers that I do is a big task in 
I've noticed that I've had a much better time at gigs recently by having 
less to
think about it.  I also think the shows have been more successful 
musically as

My two cents,