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Re: Ableton Live?

Hi Jim,

yep, I am. Sometimes I take the laptop out on gigs or jams, and I use 
Ableton Live for various things : playing samples and/or playing & 
manipulating drum loops and/or also live loop recording/playing etc. I use 
the fcb1010 to control Live. I have no experience with jam-man or edp , 
I find Ableton Live to be extremely flexible, and I like that I can 
integrate certain effects (VST) into the looper (pc)  itself.


>From: "Jonah, Jim" <Jim.Jonah@compuware.com>
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>Subject: Ableton Live?
>Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:14:25 -0400
>Is anyone using Ableton Live for live looping?
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