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Re: gibson echoplex - how -what -why - Remultiply, Loop Windowing, Reverse.

At 01:13 AM 8/13/2003, ishq wrote:
>Well the edp looks rather mouth watering ! Loop windowing and remultiply 
>stuff certainly make this very enticing , can anyone recommend a good 
>for an echoplex in the uk - are they still in production ?

yes, the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus units are out now. Find a Gibson 
dealer and ask them about it.

>i have noticed
>some good deals on ebay.com....guessing these units are 120v ? maybe there
>240v switchable ,   thanks again.....

there is a switch on the back to convert it between 120/240. Just make 
it is in the right position for you.


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