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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

In a message dated 8/13/03 7:57:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time, jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu writes:

In any case, I'm now sitting on pins and needles waiting on my
refund. I also would've/could've gotten a free PLG plug in board with
my purchase--which is quite tempting indeed. And yet, in the long
run, I will feel infinitely better about my purchase if it is deemed
"legit" by and through a US dealer, however coerced I may feel about
buying in that fashion.

Any thoughts/comments?


I got one of the last Japanese version Sony PCM Digital Audio Converters (converts two channels of analog audio into 16-bit digital, encoded into a video signal that can be recorded onto a vcr) and I have to power it from a step-down transformer, as Jap equipment runs on 100volts ac. Dunno if your gear has a switch for that, and some people say 100v is close enough to 117v with tolerances and such, but I dunno. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

probably not helpful, as usual,