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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>I got one of the last Japanese version Sony PCM Digital Audio 
>Converters (converts two channels of analog audio into 16-bit 
>digital, encoded into a video signal that can be recorded onto a 
>vcr) and I have to power it from a step-down transformer, as Jap 
>equipment runs on 100volts ac. Dunno if your gear has a switch for 
>that, and some people say 100v is close enough to 117v with 
>tolerances and such, but I dunno. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Actually, quite helpful, since that's an angle I had never considered.

Anyway, I hope I have good news to report in a day or two (max!) Re: 
my refund. I know I'll have to swallow a cancellation fee, but 
hopefully that's it.