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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

Hard to say.  I've had mostly really good ebay experience, but I've had 
a few minor issues.  Once got a piece of gear so caked with cigarette 
resin it took me hours to clean it up and make it usable and not stink. 
  Another time, some sort of pepsi product had been spilled on the unit 
and one of the controls was never right because of it.  Both items were 
cheap though.  My bad for not asking more questions.  My wife got a non 
working dremmel once, but the dealer (on line pawn shop) was happy to 
take it back and refund her money in full.

On the other hand, I ended up picking up an Ampeg tube amp from the 
owners down in the South Bay SF area and ended up meeting a really nice 
guy who said, "Hey, do you happen to know anything about looping 
devices?  My roommate and I have been playing around with a DL4..."  We 
talked about EDPs and other gear for an hour!  The amp was more or less 
mint and at a good price.  I gave him the LD address.  I wonder if he 
ever subscribed...

Mark Sottlaro

On Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 11:00  AM, Jeff Shirkey wrote:

>> My main point is I think ebay's feedback system is a great tool for 
>> consumers.  That's all.
> Agreed.
> To put a positive spin on things, I've picked up great used gear in 
> the last couple weeks from various sources on the net. Harmony-central 
> classifieds are another good place to look. No feedback mechanism 
> there, but I ask a lot of questions first, and if there are ANY signs 
> of flakiness, I bolt. Here's my problem, though. I tend to assume the 
> best about people and their motives. Like none of you here would rip 
> me off, for instance! I know I'm right...right?? :)
> Jeff