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--- Greg Waltzer <gwaltzer@optonline.net> wrote:

> Probably the reason you will only get a small fraction, is because you 
> bought them when they were the latest and greatest!

> Your example seems to argue my point. Despite paying a premium price, 
> you didn't really buy yourself any protection from obsolescence.

FWIW, I agree with Greg on this one. There is a dramatic difference 
between a
musical instrument and a computer. Yes, they both devalue rapidly, however 
it's not functioning at all, the musical instrument will still be useful 
in a few
years, provided you like the sounds it makes. The computer won't be able 
to use
any current software (and for most people, the ability to run contemporary
software is a requirement). My Strat is not obsoleted by the fact that 
Line 6
came out with the Variax. If you like DX7 sounds, the new synth you're 
looking at
getting wouldn't obsolete your DX7. If you bought a DX7 for $200 5 years 
chances are it's still worth $200 today (since it was already old 5 years 
Instrument values don't drop to zero like computers.  

I've bought and sold a lot of musical gear over the years, and the only 
I've ever lost money on were those few items that I bought brand new. If 
you find
a reasonable deal on a used item, you'll most likely be able to resell it 
what you paid for it in a couple of years. Like Greg W. said, the 
exception would
be buying something on the bleeding edge of technology.

Of course, resale value is only one small consideration in the selection 
of an
instrument, so take all this for what it's worth. If the new one does what 
want, and you don't care if you lose money on it over time, then get it. 
have a warranty if it breaks in the next year or so, and you'll create a 
job for
someone somewhere.


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