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Re: obsolesence

>FWIW, I agree with Greg on this one. There is a dramatic difference 
>between a
>musical instrument and a computer. Yes, they both devalue rapidly, 
>however unless
>it's not functioning at all, the musical instrument will still be 
>useful in a few
>years, provided you like the sounds it makes.

True to a point, yes.

But how much would any of you give me for my ART Proverb? Prob. not 
much...maybe not a penny. Its value (retail, that is, not musical) is 
near zero.

I do see what you mean about buying used (or old model) gear at a low 
cost right off the bat. Then its resale value may be at or at least 
near what you originally paid for it--at least in the short(er) term. 
I'm still not convinced about the long haul, however. Synths may be 
an exception. But many effects boxes and the like...I think they are 
replaced very, very quickly, and value on older units decreases