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Re: obsolesence

I had one of those... I do remember doing some pretty wild things with 
it.  I had a patch where  you could control the pitch shift interval 
with one pedal and the delay of the pitch shift with the other.  
Feedback all the way up.  Crazy sound.  I could get some fairly decent 
pre-amp tones too from what I can remember.  First rack piece of gear I 
ever owned.  When it died I replaced it with a Digitech 2112 and I 
seemed to think my overall tone got better, but it's hard to say.  I 
thought moving to the Lexicon would be another step up, but to be 
honest, it's pre-amp sounds were way weak IMO.  I thought having to 
loose it would hurt as I liked the shimmer and gloss of those Lexicon 
reverbs and choruses, but going back to the 2120 (upgraded) has been 
great.  Other than the pain in the ass of having to tap out delay times 
I don't miss the G2 at all.

I think what happens to me is I start thinking I want to hear a certain 
tone, and I forget I have it and what I really need to be doing is 
playing and not programming new presets on some new box.

About the SGX2000, I took a black Marks-a-lot and totally went over the 
front panel of it and it seemed to sound a lot better after that mod.

Mark Sottilaro

On Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 02:52  PM, ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> I thought I'd "pipe in" on this thread as well. I've been using the 
> same old,
> and very unfashionable ART SGX 2000 for nearly 10 years now (gosh,
> has it really been so long). About midway through that decade I was 
> able
> to upgrade the software via an eprom swap or 2 that made it equal to
> the SGX 2000 "Express" with 400 preset slots and bunch of other added
> "whiz" and "bang" that I really don't use that much. Too bad I 
> couldn't swap
> out the faceplate (I've never liked that pink, gray and black 
> "paint-splat"
> color scheme).