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re: Repeater pitch shift

 Hi Tim,
  The RPTR's pitch shift capability can be controlled via midi note
command.  I use a roland midi guitar or a behringer foot controller to
shift the pitch of the loops I create on my repeater, but any midi
keyboard, wind controller, etc will do the trick. What's cool about
triggering the RPTR pitch shift from my midi guitar is I can create a loop,
for example, a single pitch drone, and then play it melodically from the
midi guitar, or use the guitar synth's arpeggiator to drive the repeater
and create highly rhythmic pitch transpositions. I tend to use the
behringer foot pedal for more conventional things, like dropping the pitch
of a loop an octave to create a faux bass part, but it also is cool to use
the behringer's expression pedals to create wild whammy style pitch
bending, not to mention time stretching effects.  Both these techniques are
much easier to demonstrate (with visual aids) than to describe in words.
Believe me, I've sat down to write a blow by blow description on two
separate occasions, and given up in frustration, partly because it involves
programming aspects of not just the repeater, but my behringer pedal,
guitar synth, and an all important midi patch bay. I have spent countless
hours programming my gear and I shudder to think how long it might take to
write a thorough, easy to comprehend description of what I'm doing. I just
don't trust my ability to write a technical manual that makes sense, and I
don't have a lot of free time in which to do it. I must say, I have way
more respect and compassion for the people who wrote the highly cryptic
behringer foot controller manual. When I first read that manual, I couldn't
understand what they were talking about!  Since my rig is somewhat complex,
and I'm not sure what you are working with, our what your level of midi
understanding is, I honestly wouldn't know where to start.  I wish I had
the time and money to do a video clinic about the repeater, but I don't. I
did do a short clinic at the last Loopfest in Santa Cruz that I believe was
video taped, and I know at least one person was filming my clinic at
Loopstock II, perhaps someone might come forward (Hans, are you in the
house?) and for a few sheckles to cover expenses, dub you a copy and send
it to you. I'll check with Rick, as well, to see who filmed the Santa Cruz
show. I think I had more time, and went in to more detail at the more
recent San Luis Opisbo (Loopstock II) show. Let me do some investigation
and see where those tapes are.