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re: Repeater pitch shift

--- "William R. Walker," <chillyb@cruzio.com> wrote:

> I wish I had
> the time and money to do a video clinic about the repeater, but I don't. 
> did do a short clinic at the last Loopfest in Santa Cruz that I believe 
> video taped, and I know at least one person was filming my clinic at
> Loopstock II, perhaps someone might come forward (Hans, are you in the
> house?) and for a few sheckles to cover expenses, dub you a copy and send
> it to you. I'll check with Rick, as well, to see who filmed the Santa 
> show. I think I had more time, and went in to more detail at the more
> recent San Luis Opisbo (Loopstock II) show. Let me do some investigation
> and see where those tapes are.

Please keep us posted, I'd like to have a copy. Also of Rick's clinic.


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