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Echoplex Dump Utility

Hello everybody

Since about 2 weeks I am the happy owner of an Echoplex Digital Pro Plus. I
had only heard about it about a month ago for the first time, even though I
have always been using digital delays in a "loopish" manner. Just didn't
know there were specific tools around to support that kind of playing! I 
even thought about hacking something together many years ago. The farthest 
got though, was to extend my Vesta DIG-410s memory to achieve a 2 second
delay time. Had I only known about the Paradis Loop at that time...

So, since I'm a total newbie with regards to looping I am very happy to 
this Looping website full of material to study, thanks a lot for putting it
up! (Phew, a lot to research on, since 1996!)

My newbieness shines through in the way I use the Echoplex so far: merely 
an "instant multitrack mixdown ... er ... device". What I end up with is
mostly short loops that represent a musical idea until you stop the player.
And since I don't own a proper recording equipment I checked the MIDI dump
function of the Echoplex and tried to automate it with a MAX application
which I describe in more detail at http://nosuch.biz/soundz/  (scroll down
to "Echoplex Dump Utility") in case you want to give it a whirl (Sorry, Mac

What I wish for future Echoplexes:
  - more control over pitch shifting than half speed/full speed!
    Configurable LFOs for modulation, LFO frequency and amplitude control
via volume pedal
  - some sort of SDK for software hackers who would like to program the
Echoplex software themselves
   (I know I'm asking a lot)
  - This would probably require additional hardware, but still: mixing of
the different (up to 16) loops

Has anyone managed to get the Echoplex out of the "Load" or "Dump" mode 
to "Play" mode via MIDI commands? If so, please let me know how you did it.
And also, the Echoplex Sysex MIDI dump header indicates the dumped sample's
rate to be 44101 while it should indicate 41500 (I think). This could
explain a wrong pitch (too high) when dumping samples from the Echoplex to 
sampler. Has anyone on the list observed this ?

Anyway, glad (and sleepless, busy, ...) having found loopersdelight and