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RE: Syncing Echotron's

Hans, Duncan, thank you both.

Hans, My DX is the Stretch Model, it does have MIDI OUT.  I will try your 
suggested set up tonight!  That sounds like it will work.


I will keep an eye out for the KMS-30, a friend of mine has one hooked up 
his rig, never knew what it did though...  I would eventurally like to 
upgrade my Drum Machine, probably to a Novation D-Station or the like, so 
that will be handy to have around.  If you do want to sell yours, send me 

Thanks again,


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I don't know a lot about it, but it sounds like Duncan has the right 

idea.  Hopefully your DX has MIDI OUT (mine do, but one is a late model 

the other has the Stretch module).

Try this: connect the SYNC OUT of the Echotron to the EXT CLOCK IN of the 

DX, and then press EDIT on the DX to enter parameter mode.  Use < or > to 

get to parameter field 01.  Then press STEP until the display ready 0124 

(for parameter 01 [Timing], 24 ppqn).  There has to be something plugged 

into the CLOCK IN jack for 24, 48, or 96 to come up as a timing parameter 


I also notice that the DX can put out 24, 48, or 96 ppqn from the EXT 

OUT jack (parameter 03).

Good Luck,


I haven't had a proper look at the schematic but the blurb suggests that 

is output-only. this needn't be a problem.... assuming you're attached to 
the box

and don't want to substitute something that will deal with incoming midi 

here's what I'd do: 

use the deltalabs as the master clock and find something that can run off 

clock and generate 96ppqn midi clock.

there are a number of devices from that awkward time when midi had just 
appeared but

there was still a lot of roland and korg kit around using the roland or 

system. (korg's was 48ppqn). something like one of the older-and-larger 
roland drum

machines like a 909 maybe. quite a few modern devices will generate 24/48 
but won't

slave to it.


or, if you can find one, a korg kms-30. this now-sought-after unit will 

between 24, 48 and midi, with any of them as master, and also has a 

interface. I have successfully used it to clock an alesis hr16 from a 

mine may be for sale. let me know if you're keen to go down this route.