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RE: Syncing Echotron's

Title: RE: Syncing Echotron's


>>I would like to get the Echotron in this loop also.  I also have and
Effectron II 1024 which works great and a TimeLine DL-4 that doesn't work so

I noticed on http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/deltalabs/deltalabs.html
That the SYNC jack is "24 ppq clock output, to sync to the echo rate", but I
don't quite understand that, or how I could use that...<<

I haven't had a proper look at the schematic but the blurb suggests that the 24ppqn is output-only. this needn't be a problem.... assuming you're attached to the box and don't want to substitute something that will deal with incoming midi clock, here's what I'd do:

use the deltalabs as the master clock and find something that can run off 24ppqn clock and generate 96ppqn midi clock.

there are a number of devices from that awkward time when midi had just appeared but there was still a lot of roland and korg kit around using the roland or korg timing system. (korg's was 48ppqn). something like one of the older-and-larger roland drum machines like a 909 maybe. quite a few modern devices will generate 24/48 but won't slave to it.

or, if you can find one, a korg kms-30. this now-sought-after unit will translate between 24, 48 and midi, with any of them as master, and also has a tape-sync interface. I have successfully used it to clock an alesis hr16 from a roland mc202. mine may be for sale. let me know if you're keen to go down this route.



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