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RE: Alesis INEKO and a MIDI throwdown

-----Original Message----- 
From: Relay [mailto:relaydelayband@earthlink.net] 

>> MIDI rocks and rules--I can't believe there are electronic musicians
who aren't interested in using it.  Oh, just for emphasis, I'd like to
say--chicken? Let the flaming >> begin. Anxious (or at least eager),

Well I'm not much into midi. I only use it for two things: syncing my
two looping devices and controlling them from a foot pedal. The rest is
all acoustics: voice, saxophone, guitar, rattles etc etc.

I have tried experimenting with having a midi sequencer running in sync
and sending arpeggio notes to a Repeater track, and also creating beat
synced pan effects for other Repeater tracks. But even though this
sounded cool I never learned to master it for intuitive improvisations. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen