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RE: Alesis INEKO and a MIDI throwdown

Title: RE: Alesis INEKO and a MIDI throwdown

Just not sure how would it benefit me? I throw down some loops with my guitar (I don't own any instruments with piano keys, save for an upright piano in our living room), bass, and mouth percussion into my Boomerang, then sing or play the leads - or my sister plays leads on her electric violin. Other times it is just me and my guitar. When we go ambient freeballin', we do the typical build up a vibe and then do trippy leads and improvised stuff. No drum machines, keyboards, samplers, or anything.

Acutally I'm not chicken. It is only my personal experience in that I've never been want for MIDI (maybe I don't know what I'm missing), and the only guys that I've worked with that were ever into MIDI just had tons of gear, made lousy music, (except for you Per Boysen. . . . .), and were more into their gear than into making actual music.

Naturally that doesn't mean everyone is like that. . . .it is just something I have never been exposed to in a meaningful way, so therefore have seen no use for it in my personal rig, that's all. Haha. I don't hate it and I'm not anit-MIDI or anything.


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Having tried it out for a few hours, I really don't think it is a unit to fool with on stage, unless your audience loves you in a way I have never experienced.  Maybe Rick Walker can get away with it, but I can't.  When you change patches, you have to set the parameters--NO MEMORY FOR PRESETS.  I am going to use it as a set-and-forget device, no matter what context. MIDI rocks and rules--I can't believe there are electronic musicians who aren't interested in using it.  Oh, just for emphasis, I'd like to say--chicken? Let the flaming begin. Anxious (or at least eager), Gary