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Paolo's venue gives their own definition of "experimental"

Paolo said,

> The people who invited me for their jam sessions are here:  
> http://www.redroom.org.  Perhaps they have their own definition.
Indeed they do!

About a year ago, there was (very) loose talk about the
Walker/Lawson/LaFosse trio trying to play some East Coast dates.  One
Maryland venue which I contacted (Orion Sound Studios, who said they
generally didn't book "experimental/improv" music) referred me to the
Red Room.  I emailed them with an inquiry, and their booker replied thusly:

"Dear Andre,

Sorry, listened to your stuff and it is not our kind of thing. We are 
focused on more extremely experimental (ie. non-iomatic) kinds of stuff. 
Stuff that doesn't sound like human music."

The ironic thing is that I think Rick Walker's solo set would have been
perfect for the Red Room, and Steve Lawson would have fit right in with
the more proggish slant of Orion...  :()

Ah well,

--Andre LaFosse