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Re: Paolo's venue gives their own definition of "experimental"

I've only been to Red Room once, but the impression I got from that one visit, plus last year's Sonic Circuits electronic music festival (which had some of the same people) was that they were into the same kind of "academic experimental" (Richard, don't bother asking, you are in a better position to explain THAT :) :) :)) music as what I heard at UCSD and Spruce Street Forum.  Their comments to you sound very much along the lines of Derek Bailey's thoughts on non-idiomatic vs. idiomatic improv in his book. 

Andre LaFosse <altruist@earthlink.net> wrote:
Paolo said,

> The people who invited me for their jam sessions are here:
> http://www.redroom.org. Perhaps they have their own definition.

Indeed they do!

About a year ago, there was (very) loose talk about the
Walker/Lawson/LaFosse trio trying to play some East Coast dates. One
Maryland venue which I contacted (Orion Sound Studios, who said they
generally didn't book "experimental/improv" music) referred me to the
Red Room. I emailed them with an inquiry, and their booker replied thusly:

"Dear Andre,

Sorry, listened to your stuff and it is not our kind of thing. We are
focused on more extremely experimental (ie. non-iomatic) kinds of stuff.
Stuff that doesn't sound like human music."

The ironic thing is that I think Rick Walker's solo set would have been
perfect for the Red Room, and Steve Lawson would have fit right in with
the more proggish slant of Orion... :()

Ah well,

--Andre LaFosse

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